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National Social Work Licensure Exam Preparatory Seminar

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November 10-11, 2017---Albuquerque Click here for details & to register


        Seminar Leader: J.E. Fresquez, Ph.D., LISW, LLC This two-day intensive National Social Work Exam Preparatory Seminar is open to Social Workers preparing for the Baccalaureate, Masters or Independent (Clinical) Examinations. The Seminar will assist participants understanding and aggressively use time proven multiple choice exam taking strategies, tactics and techniques. Content to be reviewed during exam preparation is provided, organized and presented in a manner that increases participant’s success with the exam. The Seminar will directly assist participants to:
  • appreciate how the multiple-choice items helps to increase success with the exam
  • select/use the best exam taking strategies to increase success with the exam
  • use information embedded in the exam for selecting the “BEST” option
  • aggressively plan the exam preparation experience
  • become aware of strengths and weakness regarding exam taking skills
  • effectively manage negative emotions and thoughts regarding the exam
  • use exam content to increase success with the exam
  • work with practice exams that resemble the actual exam
  • experience and use exam taking skills that encourage exam taking confidence
  Materials and services provided to Seminar participants include:
  • Seminar manual
  • Set of practice exams that resemble the National Social Work exam
  • Self-assessments that help participants identify content in need of review
  • Set of readings, practice exams and articles supplementing participants content
  • Exam taking strategies proven to be successful with the exam
  • Workbooks/exercises to assist participants break-down multiple choice items
 This class is offered throughout New Mexico. Check our calendar to see when the next class is offered.   Testimonials:
"I felt the prep course with Dr. Fresquez was outstanding. I would highly recommend it to anyone preparing for their social work licensure exam. He was knowledgeable, passionate, and entertaining. Everyone preparing for this difficult exam should take his course."
---Giovanna Eisberg, MS., MA., LMSW