Annual Conference


Session Handouts

  • Pre-Conference- The Business of Social Work      Handout       Handout      Handout      Handout
  • #3 Cultural Humility in Substance Use Interventions, Ana Moseley    Handout       Handout      Handout      Handout      Handout 
  • #4 Understanding Adolescent Anorexia, Robert Blair   Documentary Link
  • #5 Walking in Many Worlds, Valerie Shines Warmly Pacini      Handout
  • #6 Creating Safe Spaces for LGBTQ Elders, Havens Levitt     Handout
  • #8 Hispanicism & Machismo, Marcos Martinez   Article
  • #9. Is There a "Disability Culture?", John Chimarusti        Handout
  • #12 Considerations of Historical Trauma for Hospice Care with Native Americans, Poem Swentzell     Handout
  • #15 Our Social Work Convoy or Network, Lorie Dwinell      Handout
  • #18 Social Work Ethics and Muslim Practice, Cynthia Sontag     Handout 1     Handout 2     Handout 3     Handout 4     Handout 5     Handout 6     Handout 7
  • #25 We Are More Than Addiction Panel, Esperanza Dodge   Report Link

Conference Agenda


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